Friday, October 23, 2009


Just an update to let everyone know that I have made a resolution to make the Blog a higher priority. :)

Tyson is still working for Greenspun Interactive and still enjoying being able to walk to work. Ty is also looking into getting his Masters in Geography soon. :)

I am still going to school at College of Southern Nevada part time. This spring semester I'll finally get to go full time because I'll have residency. By May '10 I'll have my associates in Secondary Education :) Yay! Then just 2 more or less then 2 years till I get my bachelors in art education. So close!

Things aren't too exciting around here other then the above right now. Ty and I are going day by day and just trying to tackle the flu, most likely the swine flu, right now :( It has not been fun! Get the vaccine when you can because this thing is yucky :(

Have a gooden,
-Married Mary